100 % Responsive

Boost Your Performance

Intuitive ergonomics: optimized design, fullscreen display, portrait and landscape support on all tablets

Maximize your SEO efforts and your notority. “Pur web Solution“, optimal performance, no download required

sleak: pure Web application
fast: optimal performance
smart: no download required

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iBrak Shop

Ultimate Shopping Experience

eCommerce Responsive Solution for tablets. Tablet’s audience is growing fast, don’t miss it!

iBrak Shop is THE most elegant solution for your online shop or magazine

Using iBrak Shop increases e-Tailers conversion rate on the tablet market

Offer a unique user experience to your iPad and Android tablets customers

iBrak Shop: video and live demo

iBrak Press

Content Becomes Touchable

Your contents, pictures, articles, reports and videos are precious! Let iBrak reveal their beauty

Simple, straitforward, get your eMagazines for tablet with one touch!

Maximize the browsing time your customers spent one your contents

Turn your content into cash. Follow the tablet market wave

iBrak Press: video and live demo