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iBrak release his own iPhone Web Application.

This applications use:
- WordPress Post
- Twitter User Timeline API

iBraks provide the solution to build smart web applications
- Using your existing content
- With a smart original User Interface
- Independent of marketplace

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iBrak Template introduction: Example with Twitter user timeline

It’s simple isn’t it ?

We now embed timeline tweets into iBrak’s template.

A few lines of code and XML template accept new source : ‘twitter’.
So there is what we do into blog/template.xml:

- add new source node into <sources> section
- Add prefetch datastream directive into the firstpage template
- Display timeline tweets into the block


Template.xml is one of the XML file for iBrak site. Everything is XML and we allready have this kind of sources :

- wordpress post (this iBrak wordpress plugin)
- wordpress comments (this iBrak wordpress plugin)
- flickR user photosets
- Static datastream
- Google Shopping API
- Twitter
- Youtube stream

Sources in progress

- Magento products
- Prestashop products

Mix sources to build your own tuchable magazine and implement your own source connector to your business. It’s the iBrak’s solution.

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FlickR Api

FlickR provide a complete API to get / browse FlickR photos, photosets, users and more.

Very simple to use and free, we use it for the project Gallery Chambard.

If you are interested to get your own Tablet FlickR API, feel free to contact or comment this post. Add your FlickR user name or FlickR photosets urls.

Thank you.

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HTML5 and CSS also for graphics

I was starting photoshop to design a brand new logo for iBrak. But, I thought that it was a too old school method. So I close photoshop and I start my favorite text editor: Notepad.

CSS3/HRML5 give us the chance to design a fresh fashion logo.

I played with background-grandient, border-radius, box and text shadow and javascript.

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Hello Mr Hulot

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