How to find the Name

Project name ? Big question.

It’s very hard a find a name. It very complicated for a baby too. But in this case, I’m alone with no idea.

I’m an IT guy so I wrote a program to find a name for me. Just few line of C#. It takes five letters into the seven’s of my name : karoubi. It reverses and mixes its. Finaly it gives me a list (cf. Screenshot).

In the list, I chose iBrak. It’s free and good enough to start.

If you have a better idea : Feedback is a gift.

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WordPress iBrak plugin

You like flipboard, aren’t you ?

I love it, but why is an app ?
I’m sure we can build nice userfriendly webapp for touch devices. I do not have a milion dollar so be gently with me :)

I just write a single lines of PHP and build a simple WordPress plugin to give content acces to my iBrak framework. So I can now try to buid a nice userfriendly tuching webapp. First app will be this blog. So browse this blog with your iPad to enjoy.

You’ll tell me ‘You can do it with Onswipe !’. And I’ll reply, Yes. But I prefer my version, it’s much more like an App, it’s not ?

As usual, fell free to comment.

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OVH Private Cloud host me

I began using Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2006. At that time the offer of hosting solution in ‘cloud’ was very limited. Since it has expanded considerablyincluding France.

So I chose the solution proposed by OVH iBrak to host the project. Grounds of cost and avoid payment outside the eurozone. Indeed, for the micro-payment fees are supperior than the service. Banks have no simple solution micropayment multicurrency, and Amazon doesn’t allow paypal checkout at this time.

OVH proposose a quality hosting service has a very reasonable cost. Their Console Management is far simpler than AWS, and for my need is enough.

iBrak is DotNet, so I could have chosen Azure. But I find the offer too vague. And iBrak needs IIS special configuration, PHP, services. and many other things.

OVH Private Cloud seems to be a good solution to start.

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From scratch

iBrak WordPress blog is now setup !

I can now start telling you how’s going inside iBrak. Feel free to post ‘comments’ where you want in this blog. I promise I’ll reply.

You’ll find here all information about the project, and around the touching web, apps, tech, sites, framework.

Hope you enjoy.

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Safari works fine

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